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A Different Lens

Everyone knows my Nikon d610 (as my d3100 before it was) is my baby. I'm almost never seen without it. It comes with me to parties, on trips, on walks, and faces sand, sleet, snow, and rain at my side. I'm not one to miss a moment, and it does great work for me. However, the camera I'm using--the camera that any photographer is using--isn't integral to my photography. My skills lie in finding a moment, in composing a shot, in knowing how to expose the picture correctly, and in editing. It's a good exercise for me to sometimes shoot without all the bells and whistles and bokeh of the d610. Last week at Fripp, I had my phone (& the wonderful VSCOcam app) out nearly as much as my camera, and the results were pretty sweet. They're not the same resolution, they don't have the same open aperture, but the spirit remains, and I wanted to share.

Emma Sarappo1 Comment